Nanka Seimen Recipes

Traditional Japanese quality noodles and skins in your kitchen

Small Plates

  • Poke Taco

    Poke Tacos

    Enjoy light and delicious poke with a light and crispy taco shell.  Nanka Seimen Gyoza Skins ar...

  • Nanka Seimen Wontons

    Crab Rangoon Won Ton

    Flexible Nanka Seimen Skins will allow you to easily create an elegant Four-Pointed Star fold f...

  • Nanka Seimen Gyoza

    Pork Gyoza (Japanese Dumpling)

    Rich egg yolk formula creates a durable skin that allows a pan-fried Gyoza to be cooked and eas...

Soup Dishes

Noodle Dishes



  • Nutella Raspberry Gyoza

    Nutella Raspberry Gyoza

    Nanka Seimen’s unique egg yolk formula creates a naturally sweet skin with a light, delicate cr...