Golden Dragon Wrappers & Skins

Egg Roll, Gyoza, & Won Ton

Golden Dragon ®

Following a traditional, time-honored process, using rich egg yolk formula, blended in small batches creates a strong, flexible skin with secure sealing and a light, delicate crispy texture when fried. Each skin is dusted lightly with a specially imported potato starch rather than standard corn starch for trouble-free separation. 100% satisfaction guarantee, so experience what customers have loved for many years.

Golden Dragon Wrappers & Skins

Light & crispy texture,
never tough or chewy

Thin to provide excellent flexibility & sealing

Strong & flexible
to reduce cracks & rips

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Nanka Seimen Skin Series

Established in 1905, the Nanka Seimen Skin series, for Wonton, Gyoza, and Egg Rolls. We have been wrapping up delicious flavors with our products for 110 years. As the years have gone by, we have kept our standards for taste and quality. You can buy our skins in markets near you.

Trouble Free Separation

Our fresh skins & wrappers easily separated layers are easy to peel and ready to use.

Skins & Wrappers
Nanka Seimen skins

Egg Roll

Egg Roll Pack 24oz 050420

Thickness: 0.8 mm
Available: 6 x 12 oz. Retail Package
24 Sheets Per Package


Gyoza Pack 10oz 050420

Thickness: 0.8 mm
Available: 12 x 10 oz. Retail Package
52 Sheets Per Package

Nanka Seimen Gyoza
Nanka Seimen Wontons

Won Ton

Won Ton Pack 12oz 050420

Thickness: 0.8 mm
Available: 12 x 12 oz. Retail Package
48 Sheets Per Package

Code # Product Style Pack
Wrappers & Skins (Frozen)
FG3000.1212 Won Ton Skins (Retail Package 12oz.) Crispy/Thin 12 x 12 oz.
FG3010.1210 Gyoza Skins (Retail Package 10oz.) Crispy/Thin 12 x 10 oz.
FG3020.0615 Egg Roll Skins (Retail Package 24oz.) Crispy/Thin 6 x 24 oz.

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Fresh Noodles (Frozen)

Japanese Udon (Shelf Stable)
FG1010.0010 Futonaga Udon (Bulk) Round/Thick/Long 10 lb
FG1010.0025 Futonaga Udon (Bulk) Round/Thick/Long 25 lb
FG1010.3012 Futonaga Udon (Retail Package 12oz.) Round/Thick/Long 30 x 12 oz.
FG1020.0010 Yokogiri Udon (Bulk) Flat/Thin/Short 10 lb
FG1020.3012 Yokogiri Udon (Retail Package 12oz.) Flat/Thin/Short 30 x 12 oz.
FG1030.3012 Kishimen Udon (Retail Package 12oz.) Flat/Wide/Long 30 x 12 oz.
Japanese Specialty Noodle (Shelf Stable)
FG1050.0010 Soba (Bulk) Round/Short/Thin 10 lb
FG1050.3012 Soba (Retail Package 12oz.) Round/Short/Thin 30 x 12 oz.
FG1090.0010 Cha-Soba (Bulk) Round/Short/Thin 10 lb
FG1060.0010 Somen (Bulk) Round/Short/Extra Thin 10 lb
FG1060.3012 Somen (Retail Package 12oz.) Round/Short/Extra Thin 30 x 12 oz.
Asian Specialty Noodle (Shelf Stable)
FG1040.3012 Saimin Udon (Retail Package 12oz.) Round/Short/Thin 30 x 12 oz.
FG1070.0025 Egg Noodles (Bulk) Round/Long/Standard 25 lb
FG1070.3012 Egg Noodles (Retail Package 12oz.) Round/Long/Standard 30x12 oz.
FG1080.0010 Chow Mein Udon (Bulk) Round/Long/Standard 10 lb
FG1080.0025 Chow Mein Udon (Bulk) Round/Long/Standard 25 lb
FG1080.3012 Chow Mein Udon (Retail Package 12oz.) Round/Long/Standard 30 x 12 oz.
FG2010.1212 Futonaga Udon (Retail Package 12oz.) Round/Long/Thick 12 x 12 oz.
FG2050.1212 Nama Soba (Retail Package 12oz.) Round/Short/Thin 12 x 12 oz.
FG2080.1212 Chow Mein Udon (Retail Package 12oz.) Round/Long/Standard 12 x 12 oz.
FG2100.1212 Nabeyaki Udon (Retail Package 12oz.) Round/Long/Extra Thick 12 x 12 oz.

Shelf Life:   Dry Noodles: 12 Months | Fresh Noodles: 6 Months Frozen, 6 Weeks Refrigerated | Skins & Wrappers: 12 Months Frozen, 6 Weeks Refrigerated