Japanese Specialty Noodles

Traditional Japanese Soba, Cha-Soba, & Somen

Crafting authentic Japanese Noodles begins with mixing small batches of Non-GMO high protein flour and premier salt. The noodle dough is then aged to allow the ingredients to activate for excellent noodle strength. Customary in Japan, multiple sheets of noodle dough are pressed, providing layers, giving our noodles its authentic bouncy texture, and superior flavor absorption. Gentle slow drying over multiple days maintains the noodles authentic texture, strength, and integrity.  Crafting the ideal Japanese noodle has been the passion of Nanka Seimen Since 1905.


Trans Fat Free


No Artificial Flavors
Preservative Free


Kosher & Halal



What makes Nanka Seimen Soba so special?

Authentic Whole Buckwheat flour produces a great source of Nutrients & Protein

Whole Buckwheat produces a color and hardy texture customary in Japan

Natural Egg Whites
Cholesterol & Fat Free

Quality noodles are sheeted and dried over multiple days for superior flavor absorption

Try our authentic Soba in your signature dish.

Available Fresh

This product available in non-dried, fresh options.

Japanese Specialty Noodles, Available in Three Styles


Round / Thin / Short

Whole buckwheat flour and pure egg whites provide a hardy and delicious flavor, packed with essential protein, vitamin B6, and other health benefits. Excellent for hot or cold applications.

Soba Noodles - GMO Free


Round / Thin / Short

The same as our traditional Soba formula but with Green Tea, to provide a robust color and flavor.



Round / Thinnest / Short

Whitest and thinnest of our Japanese noodles, but still maintains a great firm texture. Quick to cook and prepared hot or cold in a variety of menu applications.

Code # Product Style Pack
Japanese Specialty Noodle (Shelf Stable)
FG1050.0010 Soba (Bulk) Round/Short/Thin 10 lb
FG1050.3012 Soba (Retail Package 12oz.) Round/Short/Thin 30 x 12 oz.
FG1090.0010 Cha-Soba (Bulk) Round/Short/Thin 10 lb
FG1060.0010 Somen (Bulk) Round/Short/Extra Thin 10 lb
FG1060.3012 Somen (Retail Package 12oz.) Round/Short/Extra Thin 30 x 12 oz.

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Asian Specialty Noodle (Shelf Stable)

Wrappers & Skins (Frozen)
FG3000.1212 Won Ton Skins (Retail Package 12oz.) Crispy/Thin 12 x 12 oz.
FG3010.1210 Gyoza Skins (Retail Package 10oz.) Crispy/Thin 12 x 10 oz.
FG3020.0615 Egg Roll Skins (Retail Package 24oz.) Crispy/Thin 6 x 24 oz.
Japanese Udon (Shelf Stable)
FG1010.0010 Futonaga Udon (Bulk) Round/Thick/Long 10 lb
FG1010.0025 Futonaga Udon (Bulk) Round/Thick/Long 25 lb
FG1010.3012 Futonaga Udon (Retail Package 12oz.) Round/Thick/Long 30 x 12 oz.
FG1020.0010 Yokogiri Udon (Bulk) Flat/Thin/Short 10 lb
FG1020.3012 Yokogiri Udon (Retail Package 12oz.) Flat/Thin/Short 30 x 12 oz.
FG1030.3012 Kishimen Udon (Retail Package 12oz.) Flat/Wide/Long 30 x 12 oz.
FG1040.3012 Saimin Udon (Retail Package 12oz.) Round/Short/Thin 30 x 12 oz.
FG1070.0025 Egg Noodles (Bulk) Round/Long/Standard 25 lb
FG1070.3012 Egg Noodles (Retail Package 12oz.) Round/Long/Standard 30x12 oz.
FG1080.0010 Chow Mein Udon (Bulk) Round/Long/Standard 10 lb
FG1080.0025 Chow Mein Udon (Bulk) Round/Long/Standard 25 lb
FG1080.3012 Chow Mein Udon (Retail Package 12oz.) Round/Long/Standard 30 x 12 oz.
Fresh Noodles (Frozen)
FG2010.1212 Futonaga Udon (Retail Package 12oz.) Round/Long/Thick 12 x 12 oz.
FG2050.1212 Nama Soba (Retail Package 12oz.) Round/Short/Thin 12 x 12 oz.
FG2080.1212 Chow Mein Udon (Retail Package 12oz.) Round/Long/Standard 12 x 12 oz.
FG2100.1212 Nabeyaki Udon (Retail Package 12oz.) Round/Long/Extra Thick 12 x 12 oz.

Shelf Life:   Dry Noodles: 12 Months | Fresh Noodles: 6 Months Frozen, 6 Weeks Refrigerated | Skins & Wrappers: 12 Months Frozen, 6 Weeks Refrigerated