Asian Specialty Noodles

Authentic Egg Noodles, Chow Mein, and Saimin

Producing Quality Noodles for over 100 years

Using traditional production procedures, Nanka Seimen noodles are sheeted then cut for consistent texture and sustained durability. Completed by a delicate drying process over multiple days to capture the authenticity and enhance flavor absorption.

Nanka Seimen is a trusted Specialty Asian Noodle Supplier to restaurants, professional chefs and food distributors, our GMO-Free Asian noodles are available wholesale and in bulk to fit your needs. Request your sample today.


Trans Fat Free


No Artificial Flavors
Preservative Free


Kosher & Halal



Make your dish stand out with our noodles

Sheeted & delicately dried noodle – provides a tender firm texture

Better flavor absorption creates a versatile noodle with multiple menu applications

Versatile noodles - Try in Chow Mein, Low Mein, or Pan Fry

Try our authentic noodles in your signature dish.

Available in Three Styles

Golden Dragon Egg Noodle
Chow Mein
Saimin Udon
Egg Noodle Packaging

Egg Noodles

Round / Thin / Long

The unique egg yolk formula provides a firm yet delicate texture with delicious flavor. Holding up to a wide variety of menu applications from Lo-Mein, Chow Mein, noodle soup, pan-fried, stir fry, crispy noodle, and Italian pasta.

Chow Mein

Round / Thin / Long

Multiple layered dough process creates soft but firm texture with exceptional flavor absorption. Holds up excellent in pan fry and stir fry applications.

Saimin Udon 12oz Noodle Packaging


Round / Short / Standard

This thin egg yolk formula with a firm, bouncy texture is the perfect substitute for Ramen noodles. Unlike standard Ramen, our Saimin is preservative free and food coloring free for a pleasant clean aroma and flavor.

Code # Product Style Pack
Asian Specialty Noodle (Shelf Stable)
FG1040.3012 Saimin (Retail Package 12oz.) Round/Short/Standard 30 x 12 oz.
FG1040.0010 Saimin (Bulk) Round/Short/Standard 10lb
FG1070.0025 Egg Noodles (Bulk) Round/Long/Standard 25 lb
FG1070.3012 Egg Noodles (Retail Package 12oz.) Round/Long/Standard 30x12 oz.
FG1080.0010 Chow Mein Udon (Bulk) Round/Long/Standard 10 lb
FG1080.0025 Chow Mein Udon (Bulk) Round/Long/Standard 25 lb
FG1080.3012 Chow Mein Udon (Retail Package 12oz.) Round/Long/Standard 30 x 12 oz.

Try our other Traditional products

Wrappers & Skins (Frozen)
FG3000.1212 Won Ton Skins (Retail Package 12oz.) Crispy/Thin 12 x 12 oz.
FG3010.1210 Gyoza Skins (Retail Package 10oz.) Crispy/Thin 12 x 10 oz.
FG3020.0615 Egg Roll Skins (Retail Package 24oz.) Crispy/Thin 6 x 24 oz.
Japanese Udon (Shelf Stable)
FG1010.0010 Futonaga Udon (Bulk) Round/Thick/Long 10 lb
FG1010.0025 Futonaga Udon (Bulk) Round/Thick/Long 25 lb
FG1010.3012 Futonaga Udon (Retail Package 12oz.) Round/Thick/Long 30 x 12 oz.
FG1020.0010 Yokogiri Udon (Bulk) Flat/Thin/Short 10 lb
FG1020.3012 Yokogiri Udon (Retail Package 12oz.) Flat/Thin/Short 30 x 12 oz.
FG1030.3012 Kishimen Udon (Retail Package 12oz.) Flat/Wide/Long 30 x 12 oz.
Japanese Specialty Noodle (Shelf Stable)
FG1050.0010 Soba (Bulk) Round/Short/Thin 10 lb
FG1050.3012 Soba (Retail Package 12oz.) Round/Short/Thin 30 x 12 oz.
FG1090.0010 Cha-Soba (Bulk) Round/Short/Thin 10 lb
FG1060.0010 Somen (Bulk) Round/Short/Extra Thin 10 lb
FG1060.3012 Somen (Retail Package 12oz.) Round/Short/Extra Thin 30 x 12 oz.
Fresh Noodles (Frozen)
FG2010.1212 Futonaga Udon (Retail Package 12oz.) Round/Long/Thick 12 x 12 oz.
FG2050.1212 Nama Soba (Retail Package 12oz.) Round/Short/Thin 12 x 12 oz.
FG2080.1212 Chow Mein Udon (Retail Package 12oz.) Round/Long/Standard 12 x 12 oz.
FG2100.1212 Nabeyaki Udon (Retail Package 12oz.) Round/Long/Extra Thick 12 x 12 oz.

Shelf Life:   Dry Noodles: 12 Months | Fresh Noodles: 6 Months Frozen, 6 Weeks Refrigerated | Skins & Wrappers: 12 Months Frozen, 6 Weeks Refrigerated