Traditional Japanese Noodles and Skins, Since 1905

“If you want to make a good quality
product, there is no shortcut.
It’s not that simple, it’s an art.”

– Shoichi Sayano, Owner 1975-2015

Traditional Japanese Noodles

Creating our authentic Japanese noodles with a firm bouncy bite starts with small batches of high protein flour and premier salt. The noodle dough is sheeted and aged to allow our GMO Free ingredients to activate for excellent noodle strength. Using the traditional Japanese practice of pressing multiple sheets of noodle dough together gives each noodle its authentic bouncy bite with superior flavor absorption. Gentle slow drying over multiple days with precise application of heat and humidity maintain the noodles authentic integrity. Creating the ideal Japanese noodle has been the passion of Nanka Seimen Since 1905.

Skins and Wrappers

Following a traditional time honored process, using rich egg yolk formula, blended in small batches creates a strong flexible skin with secure sealing and a light delicate crispy texture. Each skin is lightly dusted with a special imported potato starch rather than standard corn starch for trouble free separation. 100% satisfaction guarantee, so experience what customers have loved for so many years.